Sunday, June 7, 2009

Orphanage Brooklyn Times

In Orphanage Brooklyn Times Jonathan Lethem has crafted a masterpiece. Young Don Jackson has grown up without a mother and with a father who does not care. In his small apartment in deep Brooklyn Don seemingly has no family, no life, and no love. However when he meets a group of motherless youths in a Redhook abandoned Warehouse, Don and this group of children begin working on and distributing a new Newspaper, the "Orphanage Brooklyn Times," laid out and written as if it were a comic book. Orphanage Brooklyn Times takes off, but how will they deal with fame, their different backgrounds, and ultimately Brooklyn.

Orphanage Brooklyn Times is an exploration on friendship, being motherless, and being from Brooklyn.

"Like Newsies but much better and more well written and there's no music."
          - NY Times

"A page turning classic... almost exactly like newsies, but turned on it's head"
          - Washington Post

"It's like Jonathan Lethem wrote Newsies."
          - Chicago Tribune

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