Monday, June 8, 2009

Amnesiac Gardens

Set in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, Amnesiac Gardens takes another look at what it means to be a young man growing up without a mother in Brooklyn. Especially when you can't remember you don't have a mother and that you live in Brooklyn.

Reece Tyler is a young man with Amnesia. In fact, his amnesia is so bad that he is unable to remember that he grew up without a mother. He thus lives his life as if he had a mother and if he hadn't grown up in Carroll Gardens Brooklyn. But things all change when he meets a girl... the girl of his dreams...

By playing with the stereotypes and genres of a Lethem novel, Jonathan Lethem turns the Lethem novel on its head with the zany twist that this character can't remember he doesn't have a mother and is therefore no way affected by it. He also only vaguely remembers things about Brooklyn.

"A very un-Lethemy surprise from Lethem"
          - Seattle Times

"A brilliant page turner. Except not much happens..."
          - LA Times

"Brilliantly turns the Lethem genre on it's head."
          - Chicago Tribune

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