Monday, June 8, 2009

The Red Hook Menace

Set in Red Hook, Brooklyn this tale of horror and murder takes the classic grocery store thriller genre and turns it on its head.

Gabe Yipton is a tortured soul. As a young boy he grew up in the heart of Brooklyn, constantly being reminded that he did not fit in. He also didn't have a mother because she had died when he was young. Now, a grown man living in his lonely apartment in Red Hook, his tortured past seems to be rearing its head as his friends, and family (not mother) begin going missing. Could this killer or kidnapper be a friend of old, a Brooklyn stranger, or worse... himself.

Lethem does it again... telling a moving, fast-paced story with that extra twist to make it legit literature.

"Definitely a Lethem book."
          - NY Post

"Unmistakeably Lethem"
          - Philly Weekly

"A murder mystery like no other. Basically."
           - Chicago Tribune

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